This guide serves as part historical record, part tutorial, and part HOWTO on getting involved with whichever aspects of urbanism are intriguing to you.

This guide is here for those who understand we are people and we do not end at the houses we live in nor the vehicles we occupy. It is for those who want neighbors and livable cities where going outside is pleasant, safe, healthy, and stimulating.

We write this guide as advocacy so that people of any age, ethnicity, income, background, and physical ability can have easy access to their local world. Our desire is to transform our cities, neighborhoods, and towns into diverse and human-centered places that are inclusive of all people and allow them to thrive.

What is invariant is the aspiration to rediscover the lost human community, and this cannot take place through a reestablishment of the past, but only through new creation.

-- Jacques Camatte

If this intrigues you then keep reading to understand what urbanism is and how you can help further its various causes to improve our lives.

We are based in Austin, Texas and as such have a good deal of material specifically about urbanism in Austin. However there’s plenty of information that applies to the USA and beyond. For example, we cover biking within Austin but we’ve got info in that article applicable to anywhere; like did you know that half of all trips are easily bike-able, and 80% can be done on an e-bike?

And if you’re brand new to urbanism and don’t know where to get started then check out What is Urbanism?