What is Urbanism?

Urbanism is neighborism. It is the belief that we can improve the places we live to create more pleasant, lively, sustainable, and human cities, towns, and suburbs. It is a forward looking, future focused disposition that requires driven, tenacious, and hopeful people to succeed.

Urbanist goals

Speaking broadly, urbanism focuses on:

  1. Ensuring every person has housing they can afford.
  2. Creating transportation infrastructure that is safe, efficient, environmentally sound, accessible, affordable, and sustainable.
  3. Producing places to live that are human scale, and human focused.
  4. Creating fair laws, and removing or modifying unfair laws to create equitable outcomes for all.

Urbanism is a deep rabbit hole with many niches and by reading through this guide we hope you walk away with a deeper understanding of what urbanism is, what it isn’t, how it helps, and how you can get involved.

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